‘ When I got to the point I could
keep 1500 passengers from the buffet, I knew I had an act.’

If you’re a fan of daytime talk or iconic game shows you’ll know Michael Burger. If you’re the CEO of a Fortune 500 company you might know him even better. Currently Michael finds himself just as busy in front of the camera as he does in front of corporate audiences, as one of the most in demand speakers in the country. Most Friday nights you’ll find Michael with Betty White and the cast, working on one of TV’s hottest sitcoms to come along in years, Hot in Cleveland for TVLAND. See the CBS Sunday Morning profile of Burger on the video page. Michael was introduced to the daytime audience as co-host of ABC’s Mike & Maty. CBS put Michael to work in late night with the dating show Personals. He also hosted Straight to the Heart for MGM/UA in syndication. CBS called again for Storm the Castle and UPN with Fremantle’s MAN O’ MAN that marked his hosting duties back into primetime.

The New Family Challenge, game show was next but the dream job of hosting live television followed as Michael co-hosted Home and Family with Cristina Ferrare. A live 2 hour broadcast that was as much fun as it was unpredictable. The crown jewel of game shows followed as Michael got tapped to host the classic game show Match Game.

Iron Chef USA, kept Michael cookin’ as well. As the play-by-play host and announcer, Burger brought his skills into the Kitchen Arena. Shot in Las Vegas in the MGM Grand arena, the world’s greatest chefs competed, thousands cheered on, and Burger did what he does best, all without a script. Speaking of Las Vegas a big payoff of fun was the opportunity to host Wheel of Fortune Live in Las Vegas at the MGM. Again, his wit and spontaneity were the perfect fit to this live version of this long popular game show. “This was Wheel of Fortune without a net. Guests picked at random from the showroom audience to play ‘Wheel’ on stage live. No audition. No rehearsal. No kidding. The combination of Las Vegas, alcohol, and tourists always make for a great show says Burger.

The Relevant Report is where you’ll find Michael’s other skill set. He’s one of the most in demand speakers in the country. As a keynote speaker crisscrossing the country with 4,000 hours of hosting television and a career in stand up, Michael shares the broadcast skill that can help people and companies communicate more effectively, stay relevant and grab more market share. All delivered in a package of information and humor. You’ve got to see Michael’s painful and bloody story on tech giant Apple.It can be found here at The Relevant Report

Bypassing the classroom, Burger’s professional showbiz career began at sea. An agent caught his stand-up act at a local comedy club and booked him on a Royal Caribbean three-day cruise to Mexico “Cruise ships were my Catskills, my roadwork. While other comics were honing their skills in smoke filled rooms, I was doing a tight 30 at the Captains cocktail party and chasing it with a midnight buffet,” said Burger.

During one of the ocean voyages, a television producer caught his performance and hired him on the spot as the warm up comic for the program Dance Fever. From that humble beginning, Burger quickly became one of Hollywood’s most sought-after warm-up comics. Throw in a Cable Ace award nomination and sold out stand up performances around the country and you get the idea that he loves what he does and so do the people that watch. If you want to see Michael in action, just click the ‘Video Gallery’ tab and thanks in advance for stopping by!